09.18.17 – “Dreamcatcher” (ver 2.3)

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Title: “Dreamcatcher” (working title)
Author: RandomizedLogic
Last Updated: 09.18.17

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It was dark. Darkness engulfed Christopher from every direction and everything became eerily more silent. He could not fathom it could get any more silent than what had been the case just moments ago. He had only heard the unanswered echoes of his voice calling out to his Grandpa Charlie. As if his senses were ripped from him, he felt more alone than he thought he was. In hopes to regain his bearings, Christopher reached out in front of himself and felt nothing. He knew he had just been sitting on the hard, cold platform under him, but now, he felt nothing. No smooth stones. No indentation surrounded by smaller stones. Nothing. He reached down to touch his shoes, and with this effort, his breath caught in his throat as he made his next discovery. There was nothing under his feet. Christopher was floating, in darkness, with an increased sense of silence. He was truly alone.

“You were destined for greatness. Never forget, even after I’m gone, kiddo.”

Christopher knew he was not hearing things and opened his eyes to find himself laying in his bed, as he had been before heading down to breakfast. In an instant, he realized he was definitely dreaming, and in looking at his alarm clock, he saw that he had been asleep for what turned out to be minutes. His time in the unknown location had felt like hours. What was going on? Why had he heard his grandfather’s words again? Why did this feel so different compared to his regular dreams?

Confused, Christopher slowly rose in bed, leaning back against the wall behind him. It took Christopher a moment to realize that he had been sweating. His brow was slick with sweat, and had no idea why. He looked down and saw that he was barefoot. Had he been wearing any slippers or shoes this morning down to breakfast? Baffled at what was going on, Christopher began to rise out of bed before it hit him like a train. His skull was throbbing and the world began to spin. His eyes tearing, his headache intensified. He managed to get up out of bed and maintain his balance, and in walking toward his bathroom, he turned on the faucet. Cool water rushed over his palms, and he quickly splashed relief over his eyelids. His headache began to dull, but the ache was persistent. Finally taking the remainder of the edge of his headache away, he turned of the water and reached for his towel before looking up at himself in the mirror.

Christopher dropped his towel in confusion. In the dull ache of his skull, his hazy vision focused on two things: the bloodshot redness of his eyes and a streak of red in his hair.


09.17.17 SD – One of twelve

Greetings, Ramblers!

Writing, in all its forms, is therapeutic. From prose to poetry, and from life updates to deep trains of thought, my daily blog posts have served as a much needed escape from the ongoing of my professional and personal life. Sharing my writing with you all has been both liberating and nerve-wracking, in a choreographed dance of emotions and balance. My readership has been so supportive, in more ways than I had anticipated, and I feel that I have made connections with Ramblers who care to read what I have to say. For this, I am sincerely grateful for you all coming back to see which of my random thoughts has made it to the next post.

One month has elapsed in this daily365 project of mine, and thus far, I am doing my best to enjoy as much of 28 as possible. There have been times where I have been emotionally drained and where patience has grown thin, but there have been other times where I have been truly happy and truly grateful for what life has had to offer me. The balance of these extremes has been fair and resonates much more comfortably compared to years previous. I have a lot on my plate coming up, and as is showcased in my hoarding of posts while editing, I know I will come across time points where I will need to play post catch-up. I hope you all continue to wait for my content, and I hope to not disappoint.

I look forward to what the next eleven months bring, but I am also realistically anticipating what difficult times may be around the corner. Life is worth living, even if at times you feel worthless. Never lose sight of the next step, even if you feel you cannot see inches in front of you. If there is a will, there is a way, but sometimes, it is what it is.

Cheers to the months ahead, and happy reading, Ramblers!

09.16.17 TD – Tactician at a distance

Greetings, Ramblers!

Growing up, I have always been fond of video games and the importance of owning your contribution to a team effort. From quests to player vs environment, I have always been captivated by graphics and sounds and background music while living out the in-game struggle to grind or battle. With RPGs (role-playing games) as my forte, I have always been drawn to the long-distance approach of the magical classes, such as mages and wizards. Having wished I could be a magical being as a child, this class as resonated with me into adulthood, and I will most often play either the offensive or supportive mage or healer.

In playing the magical class of mage or wizard, you have a greater sense of responsibility to support the rest of the party or team. You utilize the importance of maintaining distance to better understand the surroundings, only jumping into the front lines for direct combat when necessary. You help as many people as possible by interacting with the environment or attacking with a wide instantaneous or timed range. You ensure that in a tactician’s focus, you keep an eye out for what you can control and what dangers can arise well before they hit. You are important to the team, and are often specifically sought after or requested when in need of the support.

From offensive magic that often resonates with the elements of fire, ice, lightning/thunder, or earth/nature to the defensive and supportive types like healing and buffering, I love it all. I have ventured into the realms of other long-distance offensive classes and even tank or brute force classes, but none of these have ever resonated as much with me. These classes are definitely important to getting a task done or toward completing a goal, but I get a great sense of success or fulfillment in ensuring that these classes can stay alive to do their damage in the first place. I will stand further back to give you the support you need.

This sense of fulfilling a role while striving to achieve a goal extends from this pastime to my everyday life. As a leader in the real world, I often observe from the back and try to guide while walking forward with the group. I will jump to the front only ever so often, and I enjoy being lost in the middle as others shine around me. I tend to think through problems I face in a systematic way that has emphasis on getting the most bang for my buck or the most positive impact for the most people at once. This outside-looking-in approach has worked for me all throughout my life, and this approach has helped me realize that you need not be at the forefront to make an impact or affect change.

At times, I think of life as a game. Yes, this is not always appropriate, nor is this life ever going to have resets or save points, but this mindset makes living life a bit more exciting. Knowing that I have a boss-class problem in front of me is daunting at first, but in thinking through the problem, I can put a plan into motion to chip away and finish the job. Though I know I cannot use real magic in real life, I like to think that at least in my dreams or more importantly in my personal impact, I can make magic happen. Call it the kid in me trying to maintain its existence, but I still stand strongly by this mantra. If there is a will, there is a way, and sometimes, you just need a little magic to make it work.

09.15.17 TI – Man of my word

Greetings, Ramblers!


As much as I can control for myself, I try my best to only make promises when I know I can fulfill or maintain them. We live out our day-to-day lives at our own individual paces, and many of us make simple and complex promises without a second thought.

I promise I’ll make it up to you.
I promise you’ll love it.
I promise I’ll never break your heart.
I promise this is going to work.
When have I ever broken a promise?

When was the last time you made a promise you were able keep? At times, simple promises and their subsequent fulfillment can cause the notion of making a promise less valuable, more mundane, and more generally mainstream. Larger promises we make come with responsibility. Often, this responsibility is shared between those involved within the promise. A pact of friendship, an exchange of vows, a signing of a contract. All have weight and all have repercussions for failure to uphold.

When was the last time you broke a promise you thought you could keep? Broken promises can often break relationships, strain friendships, and widen gaps between prominent figures and their followers. The cascade of cause and effect after breaking a promise can grow the seemingly minuscule into blown-out proportions. Breaking a simple promise tarnishes the impression of how you can maintain more important ones. How many broken promises is too many? And how many broken promises are just enough to think differently or step away?

When was your last pinky promise? Though the origins date back to childhood tradition, pinky promises often provide a tangible and physically memorable component to what would often only float in the air between ears. Adding a sense of solidarity, the linking of little fingers and all associated components, like the touching of thumbs or the kissing of fists, serve as a special handshake in agreement on a pact. You can visualize who you made this promise with, where the promise was made, and what other memorable components of the surroundings brought additional importance.

What promises are you still waiting on from other people? In having some promises recently broken, I came to realize the root reason as to why I do not take promises lightly. I do my best to remember what I have promised a person. I only ask for the same in return because I value the other person’s shared sense of importance in that moment or with that topic. It irks me when a promise seems so easily broken. What value did you place on this promise if it was so easy to break? If I have made a promise to you, please know that I value that promise and I value you as a person. It takes a lot for me to promise something, and as is one of my mantras in life, I do not enter a promise I know I will need to break, either out of circumstance, out of choice, or out of best judgement.

What promise will you make next?

09.14.17 TD – Ponder Me This, Set #2

Greetings, Ramblers!

PMT posts are “Ponder Me This” lists of 10 random things I am thinking about regarding world events, puzzling phenomena, and random life moments, either on a micro or macro scale.

Please join me in these random thoughts, and please feel free to comment with your own opinions below!


1) After the appendix, what human anatomical structure will become our next vestigial appendage?

2) Will we ever reach the time where extinct languages and species will return and thrive again as they did?

3) Why does my body react the way it does, or fail to react for that matter, to caffeine? How far will sheer willpower get me in my career?

4) Will the decades of the 2000s be characterized the same way as their 1900s counterparts? In what ways will culture and society redefine themselves over the years?

5) What would it really be like to live off of the planet? What struggles do astronauts deal with daily?

6) How many people in the world look exactly like me? And what similarities do I have with these individuals?

7) Will we ever become so technologically advanced that the world completely does away with paper currency and coins? How close are we to this possibility?

8) What is the true level of progress in academia and research toward being able to teleport objects or humans?

9) If 100% of all perishable food that is left unconsumed or unpurchased at restaurants, grocery stores, and farms were to be redistributed out to those in need, would it be enough to end world hunger?

10) How much garbage have I personally left in the world? What can I incorporate in my life to reduce my footprint?

09.13.17 왜그래 – Cooked to perfection

Greetings, Ramblers!

Serving as one of the most common bridges between cultures, cuisine is a fundamental part of culture and everyday life that connects peoples of all walks of life. Breaking bread has been historically referenced many a time, and to this day, both families and circles of friends indulge in food to share moments in their days. Though the dynamic of day to day life can make sharing a meal difficult, especially when schedules do not align, but making the conscious effort to converse and laugh over food is refreshing for the heart and soul.

Though my food preferences are undoubtedly eclectic, one of my favorite cuisines is the oh-so-obvious Korean. I have not had the opportunity to explore all of the dishes and desserts on my bucket list, but in due time, I hope to try all the Korean foods that I can. One of my most frequented Korean food experiences, however, is one of the increasingly popular intercultural bridges of modern day: Korean barbecue.

From the various types and cuts of meat to all of the delicious반찬 (or sidedishes) that accompany the meal, KBBQ is truly a shared experience. Aside from the deliciousness and sense of fulfillment once the meal is complete, there are many components to the KBBQ experience that make it worthwhile. Cooking the meats and vegetables over a controlled grill plate, the conversations had while the food is cooked to perfection, and even the smell that saturates your clothing afterward are all integral parts of the overall experience.

One component that tends to fall lower on the priorities, especially within a group that is unaware, is the execution of common table practices and etiquette in Korean culture. Waiting for the oldest to lift their chopsticks and take the first bite after the chorus of 잘 먹겠습니다 (or jal meokgesseumnida, translated “I will eat well”) becomes second nature. Pouring water or alcohol for those older than you with both hands becomes essential. This learning experience is beautiful and gives me an even greater sense of enlightenment while I eat. Though mistakes are made at times, especially in fighting the urge to lift my bowl of rice, I enjoy the learning process, and I especially enjoy the eating that comes with it.

I was able to indulge in this quintessential Korean experience this evening with my family to celebrate my father’s birthday at our favorite spot. We all had a great time together, sharing stories, getting our fill of both food and laughter, and in simply coexisting. Though the pockets took a decent blow, the experience was well worth it. Until next time, I will savor the flavors in spirit and look forward to the next sizzling experience.

09.12.17 SW – “Uncontrolled”

Greetings, Ramblers!

Title: “Uncontrolled” (OSP)
Artist: RandomizedLogic
Date: 09.12.17

OSP posts are “One Session Piece” spoken word creations, which means I sat down in one session from start to finish for the piece. No afterthoughts, no additional editing, just raw writing.

Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments below!

It only takes one bad egg to spoil the
It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the
It only takes one cell to go haywire for devestation
The perfection of creation, evolving and flowing
And the slow but exponential curse is cast
Division from 1 to 2 and 2 to 4, multiplying the problem
Problematically cascading, cells signaled, switches broken
Like wildfire, wildly succumbing to fate unwelcome
No emergency release, tracks out of order
Disordered, but organized, chaotic
Microscopic, unhinged, fertile growth inevitably

What am I feeling?
Lump, streak, pea-sized demon
One day present, out of nowhere
Conspicuously inconspicuous, by circumstance
Circumscribed and gut-wrenching
Firm, immobile, painlessly excruciating
Reality hits, brick walls are but jello in comparison
Why can’t I feel it now? Succumbing to numbness
Feeling nothing, empty, but full of fear inevitably

What am I feeling?
Disconnected, gibberish in a white coat
Coat of arms, arms thrown upward
Why? What does this mean?
What do you mean? Six months to just years
Aggressive, painful knives in my ears
Daggers to my soul, soulless whisper of choking
Choking in oxygen-deprived mania
Milliseconds elapsed from when they entered
To bring the truth, succumbing to reality
Realizing the gravity, breaking point, streaming tears inevitably

Near-dehydrated, what is left to cry
Day by day, try you say
Living for quality over quantity
Treatment after treatment after
No more treatment, please no more
There is no more, wisps of smoke fading
Painful again, why is this happening
Traversing the continents, discontent
Happens to traverse the line of consciousness
Consciously framing the unconscious
Subconsciously yearning to relive and relieve
For fear of leaving behind, succumbing to the outcome
Despite all efforts, unprepared preparations, mourning inevitably

Remembering the unforgettable, cleared the regrettable
Breathe in and out, breath catching, screaming for air
Remorse cascades to acceptance
Yet intellectualized making no sense
Coming to terms in a sense
Not sensing, sensate of the signs and embraces
Good graces, words floating in the air
Breathing like the good old days
Reaching for the last touch, touched by presence
Present, surviving, survivors of spirits
Spirited into existence, no boundaries, inevitably